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Kids Learn Science By...

exploring, experimenting,
inventing, questioning,
and discovering

Kids Learn
Science By...

exploring, experimenting,
inventing, questioning,
and discovering

The RATATAZ solution

A comprehensive real science STEM program packaged in easy-to-use kits.

Just Add Water

How kids really learn

Our Approach

Backed by Science

What's the cost of NOT teaching real science?

As a country we spend more than 3.4 billion dollars on STEM education and yet our student test scores continue to drop and even though opportunities for STEM careers are exploding, our students lose interest somewhere between 4 and 12th grade. What’s happening?


What is RATATAZ then?

RATATAZ is an opportunity for motivated kids to learn STEM, STEAM, STREAM (all of them) on their own terms. RATATAZ is a method, program, or way for adventurous parents and teachers to provide an ecosystem to help kids build confidence, feel empowered, connected and supported. Our kits provide a minimalist activity and a lab notebook which is just enough to get them started asking and asking their own questions.  We want to invite kids who are ready to “break the box” of traditional learning to explore their own ideas to become the experimenters, tinkerers, and inventors they want to be. Oh – and if you your kids want to get into Harvard, this is how they are starting to teach their courses.


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