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Atoms & Molecules Meet


Introduction to chemical reactions for beginner students and includes a color reader, student activity pages, and pre-measured test tubes with non-toxic chemicals for the experiment.

*this kit requires safety glasses, beakers, a test tube rack, and transfer pipettes from the equipment starter kit (sold separately).

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In the Atoms & Molecules Meet kit, students learn that chemical reactions occur when atoms and molecules link together and also when molecules break apart. These chemical reactions must follow rules that state which atoms and molecules are able to link. Several examples of reactions are given, showing some different atoms and molecules they can form. Examples are also given of ways in which some chemical reactions can been seen; for example, as indicated by bubbles, fire, small particles forming, or color change. Chemical reactions are occurring all the time, and examples of reactions that happen in everyday life are shown.

Students read a full-color reader with fun illustrations. The reader includes a pronunciation guide for scientific terms. Students then work through a short hands-on experiment in the student activity notebook learning about how to observe a chemical reaction.  Students are encouraged to play with other household items and explore on their own more about chemical reactions. The student notebook provides question prompts for students to ask and then answer their own questions about molecules.

Inside the box:

  • 24 page full-color Reader (Lexile-Scored 250: for reading level 1-3, interest level 2-5).
  • student activity pages with assembly instructions
  • a tube of baking soda
  • (5) Lime crystal packets
  • a tube of freeze dried coffee
  • a tube of soap
  • a tube of citric acid
  • an 8 oz bottle of distilled water
  • QR code for the step-by-step video tutorial where Dr. Woodbury shows your student “how to RATATAZ” the lesson.

*This box requires equipment from the equipment starter kit (sold separately) and included with the What is Chemistry? box.


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