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Fun with Chemistry


Introduce your students to “real” chemistry!

This is a single lesson kit and includes everything you need to get you and your students excited about learning chemistry.

100 in stock (can be backordered)

Introduce your students to the subject of chemistry (and learn along with them).

Students need knowledge-based content in the elementary grades to prepare them for middle school, high school and college. It’s not enough to give students simple science. Student curriculum programs need to be coherent, rigorous and have focus, especially in the elementary grades.

We get it! Elementary teachers aren’t always comfortable teaching subjects like chemistry to their students, especially if they struggled with chemistry in high school or college. That’s why we do all the work for you! You can introduce rigorous knowledge-based content and have just as much fun as they do learning new concepts, new vocabulary, and developing new skills. All you have to do is hand out the materials and follow along with the Teacher’s Lesson Plan.

Students start by reading a full-color reader with fun illustrations. The reader includes a pronunciation guide for scientific terms. Students then work through a short hands-on experiment in the student activity notebook learning how to use scientific equipment like a graduated cylinder, beakers, and transfer pipettes. The student notebook provides question prompts for students to ask and then answer their own questions about chemistry.

Inside the box:

  • Easy-to-follow Teacher Guide & Lesson Plan
  • 24 page full-color Readers (Lexile-scored 250 : for reading level 1-3, interest level 2-5). [1 Reader for every 5 students]
  • student activity pages with assembly instructions.
  • paint set
  • folded brown paper
  • equipment starter kit which includes:
    • 5 plastic beakers
    • 1 plastic graduated cylinder
    • 5 plastic transfer pipettes
    • 5 plastic test tubes
    • a foldable test-tube rack

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