Learn More Real Chemistry


Get your students learning more chemistry the RATATAZ way with these four experiments about chemical reactions, acids and bases, mixtures, and carbohydrates.



This kit contains the following items:

Molecules Meet Reader
Baking Soda Tube
(5) Lime crystal packets
Coffee tube
soap tube
Citric Acid tube
bottle of distilled water
Acids and Bases Reader
Soap tube
citric acid tube
coffee tube
distilled water tube
baking soda tube
(1″x1.25″ b/w) set of 5 stickers
(10) litmus paper
Marshmallow, Mud Pies, Messy Rooms Reader
Bears & Rocks
Rocks & Sand
Sand & Salt
Salt & Sugar
4 color pen
Wooden Stir stick
chromatography paper (2)
Brown paper
French Fries and Fizzy Pop Reader
Unknown #1
Unknown #2
Unknown #3
Unknown #4
Glucose tube
Glucose Strips (8)