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Introduction to DNA for beginner students. Includes a color reader, student activity pages, and materials for the experiment.

*this kit requires safety glasses, beakers, a test tube rack, and transfer pipettes from the equipment starter kit (sold separately).

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In the DNA kit, students will read the DNA leveled reader and discover that DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a polymer made of two long strands wrapped around each other in a double helix shape. A polymer is a long chain of atoms and molecules linked together. DNA is found inside the cells of living things and contains four bases: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. These bases line up in pairs inside the double helix. The sequences of the bases makes a genetic code that is read by proteins and determines many of the characteristics of a living thing. Each person has a different genetic code, making everyone unique.


The reader is full-color with fun illustrations and includes a pronunciation guide for scientific terms. Students work through a short hands-on experiment in the student activity notebook learning about proteins. Students will test their lab skills and learn a technique called extraction. Students will learn how to extract DNA from powdered strawberries. Students are encouraged to repeat the experiment using fresh strawberries or different fruit or to research and explore other ways to extraction techniques are used and design their own experiments. The student notebook provides question prompts for students to ask and then answer their own questions about molecules.

Inside the box:

  • 24 page full-color Reader (Lexile-Scored 250: for reading level 1-3, interest level 2-5).
  • student activity pages with assembly instructions
  • a tube of powdered strawberries
  • a tube of iodized salt
  • a small bottle of dish soap
  • a piece of filter paper
  • a plastic baggie
  • an 8 oz bottle of distilled water
  • a plastic funnel
  • QR code for the step-by-step video tutorial where Dr. Woodbury shows your student “how to RATATAZ” the lesson.

*This box requires equipment from the equipment starter kit (sold separately) and included with the What is Chemistry? box.


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