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Chemistry Individual Student Box 2


Get your students ready for chemistry!

This box includes readers, activity worksheets, equipment, and consumables for 5 chemistry RATATAZ lessons.

Includes equipment set and materials for 5 chemistry RATATAZ  lessons and the experiments.

Students build on what they learned in Chemistry Individual Student Box 1 and learn about DNA, proteins, acids & bases, mixtures, and carbohydrates. Students continue to explore hands-on experiments with paper chromatography, identifying acids and bases with litmus paper and extracting DNA from powdered strawberries.

Materials Included

(2) bags of 10 litmus paper

(4) bags containing pre-filled test tubes for the experiments.

(1) bag 8 glucose strips

(2) beakers

(5) Readers [Acids and Bases, Proteins, DNA, Marshmallows and Messy Rooms, Fizzy Pop]

(5) Activity sheet sets [Strawberry Strings, Slippery or Not Slippery, Make it Unmix, Got Sugar, Clumpy Milk]

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