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Chemistry Individual Student Box 1


5 Lesson 5 Experiment Kit for (1) Student

Includes equipment set and materials for 5 chemistry RATATAZ  lessons and the experiments.

Students are introduced to the scientific discipline of chemistry, and scientific terms such as atom, molecule, chemical reaction, and polymer. Students learn to follow the scientific method, how to make good observations and observe results. Students also learn how to identify and use chemistry equipment such as beakers, graduated cylinders, transfer pipettes, and test tubes.

Materials Included

(1) safety glasses

(1) plastic graduated cylinder (100 ml)

(5) plastic beakers (100 ml)

(5) empty 15 ml plastic test tubes

(1) bag of objects

(2) transfer pipettes

(1) magnifying glass

(1) white school glue (1.25 fl oz./ 37 ml)

(1) bag of 20 toothpicks

(1) bag of large marshmallows

(1) bag of small marshmallows

(1) paint set

(4) Lexile scored leveled readers [What is Chemistry?, Atoms, Molecules, Atoms & Molecules Meet, Rubber Rain Boots and Plastic Pink Flamingos]

(4) activity worksheets [Break the Paint, Look Again, Follow the Rules, What will Happen, Making Goo]

(1) scissors

(1) test tube holder

(1) brown paper

(1) bag of tubes with baking soda, citric acid, coffee, and lime crystals

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