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Chemistry Three-Student Box 1


Just add water

Contains materials for 3 students.

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The sample kit includes all of the starter equipment, materials, readers and activity notebooks for 3 students to complete the first RATATAZ lesson and experiment, What is Chemistry? and Break the Paint.

Materials List

(3) safety glasses

(3) sets of five beakers

(3) scissors

(3) 100 ml graduated cylinders

(3) paint sets

(3) sets of five transfer pipettes

(3) Break the Paint activity notebook pages (with assembly instructions)

(3) test tube holders

(3) What is Chemistry? leveled readers

(3) folded brown paper table protectors


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(3) Student Box 1

Introduce your students to real chemistry! Includes readers and equipment for 3 students for the What is Chemistry? lesson and Break the Paint experiment. 

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