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(10) Lesson Chemistry Kit


Get all 10 of the Chemistry lessons in one bin. Includes the starter kit, (10) chemistry Readers, (10) sets of the student activity pages, consumables for each lesson, and the QR code for the video tutorials.


Materials Included:

Equipment Bag
safety glasses
set of 5 beakers
graduated cylinder
set of 5 transfer pipets
set of 5 test tubes with lids
Test Tube Holders
Lesson 1
What is Chemistry Reader
Break the Paint Activity Pages
watercolor set
Folded Brown Paper
Lesson 2
Atoms Reader
Look Again Activity Pages
magnifying glass
Bag of Objects
Lesson 3
Molecules Reader
Marshmallow Molecules Activity Pages
(10) large marshmallows
(20) small marshmallows
Lesson 4
Molecules Meet Reader
What Will Happen? Activity Pages
Baking Soda Tube
(5) Lime crystal packets
Coffee tube
soap tube
Citric Acid tube
bottle of distilled water
Lesson 5
Acids and Bases Reader
Slippery or Not Slippery? Activity Pages
Soap tube
citric acid tube
coffee tube
distilled water tube
baking soda tube
(1″x1.25″ b/w) set of 5 stickers
(10) litmus paper
Lesson 6
Marshmallow, Mud Pies, Messy Rooms
Mix it Up Activity Pages
Bears & Rocks
Rocks & Sand
Sand & Salt
Salt & Sugar
4 color pen
Wooden Stir stick
chromatography paper (2)
Brown paper
Lesson 7
French Fries and Fizzy Pop Reader
Got Sugar? Activity Pages
Unknown #1
Unknown #2
Unknown #3
Unknown #4
Glucose tube
Glucose Strips (8)
Lesson 8
Rubber Rain Boots Reader
Gooey Goo Activity Pages
Elmer’s glue
Transfer pipette
Borax Tube
Lesson 9
Proteins Reader
Clumpy Milk Activity Pages
Powdered Milk tube
Citric Acid tube
Lesson 10
DNA Reader
Strawberry Strings Activity Pages
Powdered Strawberries tube
Table Salt tube
Dish Soap bottle
Filter paper
Plastic baggie
Extra filter paper
Plastic funnel
Plastic Bin
  • The add a child option will include extra consumables, notebook pages, and equipment but not a duplicate Reader.

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