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How To Ask Your Own Questions

The greatest scientists and inventors in the history of the world, like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Archimedes all started by asking questions. Most kids are used to having adults direct discoveries, which is why students have difficulty coming up with their own questions. So let’s change that! Here’s how to go from shy wallflower to empowered question master.

Steps to Asking Your Own Questions

  1. Discuss how to start a question. Explain that questions start with words like who? What? Where? Or how? Two of our favorite ways to start a question: Can I ____? And what happens if ____? These question words give kids the tools to ask questions and starts to build their confidence.
  2. The next step is to give some examples like, Where did chemistry come from? Or how does an atom make molecules? Or what happens if I mix vinegar and baking soda? Example questions give kids an idea of what questions look like and by watching you ask some questions, your kids will more easily follow along.
  3. Most importantly, ask all types of questions, serious or silly. It doesn’t matter! Serious questions can be: Who invented calculus? A silly question could be: How many pieces of pie can an ant carry away from a picnic? Even silly questions can give great answers. Encourage your kids to use their imagination!

Now your students are empowered and know how to ask their own questions. But how do you keep this learning curve going?

The RATATAZ method will help your child feel comfortable tackling complex subjects by asking questions. We’ve mapped out the very best way for kids to learn science and all the hard work of choosing where to begin has been done for you. Sequence matters and we build it for you. And of course, each step of the Ratataz method is backed by science.


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