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As an elementary school teacher, your hands are full. You are teaching many subjects along with managing students in the classroom, keeping track of grades, and filling out paperwork your administrators pile on top of you. Adding “real chemistry” or “real physics” to your already packed lesson plans might seem overwhelming. 

But, young students need to be exposed to “real” chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy and geology before they get to high school. Sadly the programs most schools use for STEM education fall short of preparing kids for high school and college science. But you have the power to change all that. You can choose a program that:

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Middle School Teacher

In middle school students start to absorb and more deeply understand the knowledge they’ve learned in the elementary grades. Deeper reasoning and critical thinking begin to emerge and it’s a great time to get them learning how to RATATAZ, asking their own questions, tinkering with their own experiments, and sharing what they’ve learned with others. 

High School Teacher

By high school, students should be well versed in basic scientific vocabulary and ready to move to more complex content and deeper understanding. 

Sadly for most students, high school is the first time they encounter the language and concepts of chemistry, physics, or biology. 

You can help your elementary and middle school teachers better prepare your students before they get to high school. Tell them what students need to know to do well in your class. 


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