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As a parent you want the very best for your child. You want your child to learn just enough from school to see them successfully launch into adulthood. Or you may even want your child to go to a top tier college or work in a scientific, technical, or medical profession. Regardless of what your child pursues as an adult, you want to give your them all the best tools so they can pursue their dreams.

Sadly the programs most schools use for STEM education fall short of preparing kids for STEM careers and simply navigating everyday science decisions like which products to purchase, how to sort through the myriad of science information or make educated choices about health and fitness. But you can help! 

Curious what a difference RATATAZ makes? Try a kit for yourself.

In a Small Group?

If your child is in a small group or learning pod you can request “real science” the RATATAZ way! RATATAZ opens a whole new world of learning and it works great with a small group and a dedicated teacher.

Home schooled?

Are you a homeschool parent looking for an easy-to-use science program that will do all the work for you? Try a RATATAZ homeschool kit. These kits are sequenced for optimal retention and learning and all you need to do is walk your child through each lesson.


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