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RATATAZ is a learning tool developed by Dr. Rebecca Woodbury to help empower kids to learn how to learn. This tool incorporates several learning theories including knowledge-based learning, phenomena-based learning and retrieval practice. Dr. Woodbury has spent the last 30 years unpacking her own educational journey and creating curriculum that bottles her graduate school experience where science finally came alive for her! 

Why start with chemistry?

If you have to pick just one subject, the best science subject to start with is chemistry. Why? Because all other subjects connect to chemistry. The world is made up of matter and energy and matter is all about chemistry. Yes, physics is also important because students learn about energy, but it’s easier to start students learning about matter and how matter builds everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell.  

Student interest and test scores take a dip by high school!

What’s happening to student interest and their scores by the time they get to high school? As students progress, the percent of students meeting or exceeding performance expectations drops significantly. Young students are excited by science but students don’t perform well in high school they lose interest. Because we don’t teach foundational, knowledge-based content in the early grades many can’t make the jump to high school science. It’s like trying to speak a foreign language without ever learning the vocabulary. 

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