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Learn to RATATAZ and unlock a whole new world of learning!

RATATAZing is easy!

R - read

A - ask your own questions

T - test, tinker, try

A - answer your own questions

TAZ - tazzle : talk, tell, and dazzle

You can learn to
RATATAZ anything

a book you're reading a movie you're watching how to build a rocket how to knit an afghan why we have feelings how spiders walk .

Take the RATATAZ challenge

  • Pick a topic you know very little about.

  • Write down what you do know even if its not very much.

  • RATATAZ it.

  • Read something about it. Do some research!

  • Ask your own questions. Questions you are interested in. They can be silly questions or serious questions.

  • Now test, thinker, try to answer your question. Do an experiment. Talk to a scientist. Do more research. Try another experiment.

  • Answer your question (to the best of your ability)

  • Share your answer! Tazzle! Create a video or write a report or make a collage. And show us what you did! #I know this #I can RATATAZ #Shoutout Dr. B!

  • Email us your results at challenge@ratataz.com and we'll send you a free gift.

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What Is Chemistry?
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Asking Questions
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(3) Student Box 1

Introduce your students to real chemistry! Includes readers and equipment for 3 students for the What is Chemistry? lesson and Break the Paint experiment. 

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